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Black Swan Inn
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Picture of Larry and Debbie Fisher, owners of the Black Swan Inn in Pocatello, Idaho Picture of the Fisher Family

A Word from the Owners

We would like to thank the people of Southeast Idaho for their continued support in making the Black Swan Inn such a great success. We feel that many people are so busy that they don't take time to nourish the most important relationship they have. It is our goal to create an atmosphere that will help couples take time to spend with each other.

If you have stayed with us, we thank you and hope we met your expectations. If you have yet to stay, we invite you to come experience the Black Swan Inn. Either way, we would love to serve you.

Tell us what you think about our web site, company, products, or services. Please provide us with your contact information, so we will be able to reach you in case we have any questions. Email us at info@blackswaninn.com.

Larry and Debbie Fisher

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History of the Black Swan Inn

The Black Swan Inn became a reality in 1997 when the first suite (the Caveman Suite) was finished and ready for couples to experience. Since then, fourteen other suites have been created and opened for your enjoyment.

Picture of Black Swan Inn

The unique English Tudor building was built in 1933 and originally featured ten two-story apartments. In its early years, the community referred to it as “Little Jerusalem.” Many important and influential people have lived within its walls.

Later on, many businesses were located there. Some of them included Western Realty, Attorney Steve Wood, Denim and Daisies, and La Bella Vita Salon.

In 1996, Larry and Debbie Fisher and Clyne and Ann Long purchased the building with the intention of turning it into theme suites. The Fishers later bought out the Long's interest in the enterprise.

View from the Black Swan Inn

At the time of purchase, the building required a complete update of all the plumbing and electrical systems. The inside of the structure was gutted and rebuilt to current building codes. The first phase included eight suites which were created between the time of purchase and the summer of 1998. The next six suites were built between 1998 and 2000. The fifteenth suite was finished in 2005. The project for 2007 is to finish and open the new office with an old world theme. Upon completion of the entire project, there will be a total of nineteen suites.

Old picture of the Black Swan Inn

Larry and Debbie were both born and raised in Pocatello. They have six children, three boys and three girls. Currently they have four grandchildren. Larry is a building contractor and has built many houses and commercial buildings in the Pocatello area. He likes to build unique projects and has enjoyed working at the Black Swan Inn. Debbie has enjoyed painting most of the murals, sculpting the statues, and sewing.

Prior to the Black Swan Inn, Clyne and Ann Long owned the Center Street Inn in Logan, Utah. The Center Street Inn was also a theme establishment. Clyne and Ann were very instrumental in the development of the Black Swan Inn and we thank them for all their ideas, hard work, and creativity.

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