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         The Healthier Place To Eat  

The Healthier Place To Eat is a family-run, gluten-free restaurant. Their mission is to make any dietary restrictions easily met. This creates a non-stressful dining experience for everyone!

For appetizers, they serve an Organic Falafel Platter, Sweet Potato Fry Platter, or Home-Cut Fry Platter - all fried in organic oil. Also, try their famous homemade bread and can make it upon request. The bread can be egg-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free.

For the main dish, you can build your sandwich with different kinds of grains, meats, and cheeses. They have gourmet sandwiches like the BLT, french dip, Texas bacon burger, Philly steak, and cheese or chicken salad sandwich. All options can be made on any type of bread or turned into a wrap. Some popular dishes include gourmet pizza's (varying in size), Cilantro Quinoa salad - packed with fresh-cut tomatoes, bell peppers, cilantro, avocado, chicken and romaine lettuce - and the Greek chicken salad.

Sides include regular fries, sweet potato chips, carrots n' cucumbers with hummus, or a small salad. They also serve soups of the day, each one made fresh.

They offer fresh and healthy drinks like lemonade, organic hot and cold tea, and coffee. Taste one of their many smoothies like the tropical blend or the organic berry. They also make their own juices - the green machine and lemon love.

For dessert, they offer delicious lemon bars, pies, and brownies.

The food here is so fresh it seems like it was picked off the vine. Come enjoy healthy, good-tasting, food at The Healthier Place To Eat.