Make your stay more memorable by reserving a special with your reservation. From bath salts, massage tables to weekly specials, you won't regret your stay. Perfect for a romantic getaway or a family trip, come and join us at the Black Swan Inn in Pocatello, Idaho. We look forward to seeing you.


Essential oil
Several scents available. Simply add 2-4 drops to the reservoir in the steam shower and breathe in the natural power of their "essence." Rooms w/ steam shower: Atlantis Under the Sea and Egyptian
Massage Table Rental
Rent a massage table for the night. It will be in your room when you arrive.
Movie Treat Basket
Movie Treat Basket
You can purchase one already made or create your own! Inlcudes: 2 popcorn buckets 2 bags microwave popcorn 2 sodas 2 candies or snack items *if you purchase online we will make one for you, or you can order one at check in and pick your own items!
Robe Rental
Microfiber Shimmer Lined Robe One size fits all Available Colors: White & Chocolate
Round Bath Bomb
Round Bath Bomb (random scent)
Fill your bathtub with warm water, drop in the Bath Bomb and lay back to enjoy its lovely color and gorgeous fragrance. Size: 4.50 oz Scents available varies but can include: Blueberry, Crazy Love, Wild Passion, Fairytale Love, Lavender, Coconut
Sparkling Cider
SPARKLING CIDER A bottle of sparkling cider on ice and 2 wine glasses will await your arrival in your suite